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1H Hive

Organize your shared servers perfectly!

With 1H Hive you will be able to manage your shared servers in a way you never imagined possible! This unique software allows you to isolate server users from each other and to limit and monitor their resource usage. With 1H Hive you will easily increase the number of websites hosted on one server and will achieve higher business revenue!

Chroot Account Isolation for Unmatched Security

Server without Hive

Shared hosting providers often have serious issues that may affect the availability of their whole server only because one of their customers has a vulnerable application on his/her account. For example, outdated versions of popular open source content management systems are a favorite target for hacker attacks. On a standard shared server without Hive when such a vulnerable account is attacked, the hacker can easily attack other accounts on the same server or even bring down the whole server.

Server with Hive

On servers with the unique Hive system each account is isolated in its own directory through a chroot mechanism. Thus, even if there is a single account with a security flaw, the other users on the machine could not be attacked through the web server (cgi) or the cron services as is the case in a normal shared hosting environment.