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1H Hive

Organize your shared servers perfectly!

With 1H Hive you will be able to manage your shared servers in a way you never imagined possible! This unique software allows you to isolate server users from each other and to limit and monitor their resource usage. With 1H Hive you will easily increase the number of websites hosted on one server and will achieve higher business revenue!

Host More Accounts on the Same Hardware

One of the greatest challenges in shared hosting is to maximize the number of accounts hosted on one server and yet preserve good service quality. Naturally, each new account increases the risk of server overload. Usually, resource usage is highly skewed and a small part of the users consumes a large part of the server resources. There are two ways 1H Hive can help you optimize your resource usage:

  • Hive limitations will eliminate the possibility that any account can use an unlimited amount of resources. Thus, Hive helps you free the resources you would usually reserve to accommodate the excessive users and allows you to use them immediately for hosting more regular customers.
  • Hive statistics will help you identify easily the few high demanding customers. This information gives you the opportunity to address their issues and achieve an even more leveled-out resource usage and additionally increase the number of accounts your hardware can accommodate safely.

With this higher level of control over resource usage you can safely keep more accounts and have more income with the same hardware expenses.