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1H Hive

Organize your shared servers perfectly!

With 1H Hive you will be able to manage your shared servers in a way you never imagined possible! This unique software allows you to isolate server users from each other and to limit and monitor their resource usage. With 1H Hive you will easily increase the number of websites hosted on one server and will achieve higher business revenue!

How does it help you upsell higher-end hosting solutions?

The majority of shared hosting companies perceive abusive customers as an inevitable situation they have to accommodate on the shared server, making a compromise with the overall quality for the rest of the customers or with the number of accounts hosted. Actually, once you have identified these people, you get valuable business information about potential customer needs that can be solved in a much better and mutually beneficial way. A substantial number of these customers is willing to pay more for the resources they really need. So you can use the information from 1H statistics to approach such users and upsell them additional resources or a higher-end hosting solution. The successful upsell tactics that you can easily apply with Hive consist of three steps:

  1. Identify excessive users

    With the help of the Hive graphical interface you can easily identify which users stand out with highly excessive usage compared to other users on the same server

  2. Demonstrate to them that their needs are really different

    Hive also provides graphs comparing each account's resource usage with the normal usage for the server. These graphs are not only available for the web host, but are also incorporated in the cPanel of the end user. This is a very persuasive tool to demonstrate to your excessive resource users that there is a real issue related with their account(s).

  3. Provide them with the right solution

    Once the customer is aware of the fact that his/her account it truly using an excessive amount of resources, it is your turn to provide the best solutions. Some of the excessive users can optimize their websites so that they use less resources and remain hosted on your shared server. However, a substantial number of your excessive resource users will be willing to move to a higher-end solution. Thus you can upgrade them to a higher-end shared plan, VPS, dedicated server, etc.